Overcoming Blogophobia a real crazy stuff

Overcoming Blogophobia a real crazy stuff

Blogogophobia ha ha!! Believe me it is a real crazy stuff and tough nut to crack. We all are introduced to internet and the world of blogging. We start reading blogs and suddenly eureka moment – No big deal, I can become a blogger, damn easy!!

Stories after stories of young teens earning sh*t load of money, gives genuine complex and suddenly you realize your own potential. By god if he can, I am far better, I can do wonders.

And you become a BLOGGER. May be you start with blogger or wordpress and start writing articles after articles and wait for the visitors. You are then introduced to own domain and hosting, and you own your self-hosted blog.

Again you wait for visitors!!

Now, rather than earning you start spending money on domain, hosting, marketing, SEO, SMM,….so on. With all these ammunition you feel like a warrior. With renewed vigor you start afresh…billing continues….waiting to earn.

Page views increase with spending…..decreases on withdrawal of campaign spending. People say you need content and slowly you perceive yourself as failure in the world of blogging….after spending sizable amount…..earning nothing.

That’s when you develop BLOGOPHOBIA!! You start hating blogs and bloggers and neglect, what you created and spend time and money on.

If you ask bloggers, most of them have gone through this process but, only tiny percentage of have overcome this phase and we term them, successful bloggers.

So, if you are starting or just started or started but left or desire to leave blogging, wait and introspect, what and where you went wrong. I also have done the same and today my blogsite blogmag.in has achieved some status in the world of blogging. This is the experience from my own real life journey on blogging and I would like share with you to avoid this blogophobia and any possible pitfalls.

To start with:

  1. First believe blogging is exciting and be passionate about it.
  2. Many people start with few topics, out of experience, but ignore researching new topics to create a pool.
  3. Best is creating categories. I like writing on Soft Skills, Life Skills, Entrepreneurship, Blogging, WordPress, SEO, Content Writing, Training to name few. So, I have converted each as a category and started from basics. So listing your categories is important!!
  4. Once you freeze your categories go for topics. On skills, I have started writing on different corporate skills, so I have listed around 15 different skills and these could give me 15 different articles with one common thread i.e. Skills. Try it Category to Topics!!
  5. Fix it in your mind!! Content is the most important parameter of success in blogging. You can do research but cannot copy paste it. Take pointers and views of experts, but write it in your own words. Content is the King!!
  6. There are many auto content generators but in last couple of years, entire search engine focus is on fresh content. Ask Google!!
  7. It important to be consistent in writing and posting fresh content on your blogging site so, have a blogging calendar. Be Consistent Blogger People Should Wait for you!!
  8. Avoid spending money at random create your marketing plan. Start with social media by posting links of your posts in facebook, twitter, linkedin, pineterest, etc. Explore new fast upcoming platforms like instagram and snapchat. Free Social Media take advantage!!
  9. Do not forget whatsapp. Sent message with links to your friends asking them to read, give comments and compel them to send to their contact list. Mobile connects are closest, use them!!
  10. Set a goal to reach 1000 visitors in x days and build loyal readership. It is possible initially without much problem and spending. Important is setting goal!!
  11. Everyone who starts blogging think of earning or monetizing and biggest reason for blogophobia is when you do not reach at this stage. You have to wait few years to graduate from school, few years for university degree and few years to establish yourself in a job or a business, than how can you expect to earn money overnight or by shortcut in blogging. Remember you can earn but you need to reach to that destination first. Treat Blogging as a profession, may be part time, initially!!
  12. Do lot of research on affiliate marketing and list top platforms offering affiliate marketing. Major earning of bloggers is from affiliate commission. First major source of earning, earmark it to succeed!!
  13. Read blogs of successful bloggers and minutely observe their writing styles. You will find they use simple language, easy to read and understand with small paragraphs. Develop your own unique style!!
  14. So much is talked about SEO; initially do not bother to waste time on it. I have written one blog on my experiences on formation of society and never bothered for SEO. God knows how till date I get comments and Google rates it very high in search. In nutshell, topic and content will push you up in search engines!!
  15. There are lot of theories about great headlines or post name, I agree in crowded blogging space innovative post names catch attention and compel people to open and read. Be creative when writing the post name!!
  16. Do not spend much money, purchase good domain name, shared hosting which can handle traffic of 1000 visitors per day and install wordpress, a free content management platform specifically designed for blogging. WordPress is dynamic and require lot study to unfold all wonderful facets of blogging!!
  17. Very important build your email list and send new post alert to them. Open an account on Mailchimp and it allow you to send 12000 mails per month to a list of 2000 mail addresses. You can opt for better paid package once you reach to that level. Don’t forget build email list!!
  18. Images are important to create visual impact and add glamour to your blog so, look out for free stock images and or use your own camera to click few good ones. Add few images, it worth!!
  19. Close with a brief summary about the main content and ask for the opinion of the readers. Powerful closing is vital!!
  20. Reply to comment and keep it in a conversation mode so that the thread can continue. Reply to comment is must!!

Whatever I have written above is out of real experience and often we miss one or few essential basic steps and land up having BLOGOPHOBIA. This is new beginning and consider whatever you have done in past was a learning experience and start afresh. I will also write in detail on each of the 20 points mentioned above, may be a one complete post on each of the above. But, do share your views and strategies you have tried in past. Let’s aim for earning few thousand bucks in blogging.

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I am a self‐learned digital executive, leader, strategist and trainer by profession and experience. I have rich experience as marketer, trainer, entrepreneurial evangelist and start up facilitator. I admire first generation of entrepreneurs and conducted more than 200 programs to establish startup ecosystem in Central India. I have worn many hats in my career, as a result, I have a unique ability to manage multi‐disciplinary projects and navigate complex challenges in the process. I have big ideas and I don't care who gets credit, I just like to facilitate. Drop me a line anytime, whether it's a collaboration, writing projects, skills training or just business - will love to hear from you - sachin@eq4c.com

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