Laid Off Or Foreclosure – Benefits Of Family Communication During Financial Stress Or Job Layoff

Stress and strain mount daily when a family faces unemployment, loss of finances and or possible foreclosure. There is an ever-looming question from the laid-off Dad or Mother,

“How am I going to take care of my family, how will we survive bankruptcy?”

The longer the duration of the layoff the more everyone in the family becomes fretful and nervous. Changes in the family lifestyle can cause the kids to become fearful, gloomy and depressed. Each day. there are new challenges to the family’s temperament. It becomes harder not to be pessimistic, negative about the future, and rather hopeless in general.

“The Parent’s Life is the Child’s copy-book.” Author Unknown

My husband and I were aware that our children were learning as they were observing how their father and I were handling the anxiety and fear. He and I were their role models in how to manage anger, bitterness, resentment, revenge, and hostility during unemployment, and financial loss. How will they handle the challenges of life?

Carpe Diem- Seize the Day: Sustaining the Family Bonds

  • Your family’s need for emotional strengthening and support. If not already in place, create a time for a family “meeting” to support talk about the issues and encourage each other. Depending on the age and or maturity of your children, makes sure they have an opportunity to “get real” with how they feel!
  • Let the creative create: a musical, literary or artistic child might have a way of expressing layoff and financial loss is affecting them. their emotions that could become quite therapeutic for the family or any other family experiencing the same adversity.
  • Begin each day with a proverb/ theme/motto. If mornings are too hectic select it the night before or only weekly.
  • Weekends can be hard on a family with no funds; get into the habit of finding free activity that the entire family can enjoy. Most local newspapers publish free activity in weekend editions. There is probably more interesting and free activity in your area than you are aware of. Seize the information you need! Your family can have a great weekend together.

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