Jobs For 14 Year Olds – Highest Paying 14 Year Old Jobs

When teenagers turn 14 they are on the look-out for jobs hiring at 14. You can’t blame them because having their own money gives them a sense of independence. They do not have to rely too much on their parents for money. They can just earn it for themselves.

Of course, they are only being practical and would like to get jobs hiring at 14 that are the highest earning. When they are 14, they can work in grocery stores, restaurants, baseball parks, gasoline service stations, amusement parks, movie theaters, and retail stores. It really depends on their interests and how many hours they can devote to their jobs. It also depends on the days they are available. More often than not, jobs hiring at 14 are after school.

As tempting as these may sound, 14 year olds are not allowed to work in construction or repair jobs, manufacturing and mining occupations, hoisting apparatus aside from office machines, public messenger jobs, workrooms, warehousing, storage, processing, power-driven machinery, and driving a motor vehicle or helping a driver. For a teenager, these jobs hiring at 14 are the highest paying but these jobs are also against the Labor Law for minors.

Minors working are encouraged because it gives them a sense of independence when it comes to financial concerns. At the same time, it allows them to be responsible in juggling their time in order to get the things done – from their work and their home responsibilities and other things they have to do. Working at 14 is a good start for anyone to become a rounded and responsible individual.

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