I've Fallen And I Can not Get Up – Forget About That If You're A Leader!

Meet Bonnie St. John. Bonnie lost her leg at the age of 5 – a self-described "one-legged African American Woman, not of privilege" who would go on to win two medals for skiing in the 1984 Para Olympic Games.

After her first run at the winter games, Bonnie had a record breaking time and the Gold was in her grass. "Yea, I'm the fastest woman in the world and my mother along with a support group of African American Athletes are cheering me on". Can you see Bonnie on top of that hill? Feel her accomplishment? Unfortunately it was not to be, for on that that second run, Bonnie fell dramatically on a patch of dangerous ice.

After a pause, this brave, woman got up and finished the race and indeed would leave the games with a Silver and Bronze Medal. Looking back now, Bonnie has one regret: Not getting up quicker! You see on that day, each competitor would fall on that ice but Bonnie lost the gold medal to her competitor, who had only one advantage: She got up quicker.

Bonnie St. John is also a Rhodes Scholar and has served on the White House Economic Team. She also has that common denominator I have studied in Survivors and Leaders; in Sports, in Business and in Life.

A Secret of High Performers: They all take Risks. They all Fall. They All Get Up and Finish the Race.

When you've fallen, what's your response? What recovery system do have in place when things go wrong as they sometimes will?

In your personal and business life. Do you say "the day is ruined the race is done" or do you say, "Yikes, I'm fallen, how do we take this damn hill?

Or maybe you've gotten scared to fall at all? Afraid to take risks?

Our gratitude and gratitude Bonnie St. John —- for Living Life and reminding us to "Take risks, fall so that we may experience winning and Yup, remember that the one who gets the gold, gets up just a little bit faster!

Source by Rosemary Rein

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