"I Can not Relax Whenever I'm Advertising with Google AdWords," She Said

It's easily possible to get stressed-out with Google AdWords. The thought of someone clicking on your ad and costing you money every time can be overwhelming. The best technique – after the first few days of starting a new campaign – is to walk away from monitoring your account for a while. Then, come back to it to have a look and make any necessary changes.

Here's how;

After setting up your new campaign, watch your ads closely for the first few hours and days (especially if you selected a popular keyword). Why?

You want to build a good Quality Score for your ads to save money over the long-term. But you do not want to over-bid and end-up in too high a position on the search results page (especially the number one position – which is often inefficient, and to be avoided).

There's typically a 2-3 hour delay before click data from your ads will start registering in your Google account. So do not get too stressed for those first few hours.

But then, if you can, I suggest checking in on your new campaign every 2-3 hours to see how things are going. You may find that you're mostly under or over bidding because of the amount of clicks you're getting (or not getting).

Remember to set a daily budget in your Google Account Manager (Edit Campaign Settings> Budget Options panel). Many unfortunate advertisers have learned, to their dismay, that it's easily possible to blow a whole month's ad budget in a few days – if a campaign budget value is not set correctly.

Continue this monitoring process for a day or two, until you've got the ad position you're aiming for. Then, gradually reduce your bid.

And relax.

You've done a good job to get your ads started along the road to success – you deserve a break.

Remember that Google AdWords must be used over the long-term to build leads and sales for your business. Try not to worry about small imperfections and look at the bigger picture. If things are not working out, there's almost always something that can be done to improve matters.

Or, if an ad is just not working for you after trying a number of improvements (including changes to your website landing page) it's sometimes best to stop the campaign. And start over with a new one.

What You Need to UNDERSTAND: At the start of a new Google AdWords campaign, you need to monitor things very closely to avoid wasting your money. After you're fairly comfortable things are going fairly well – try to relax. Take a break and walk away from your Google account for a few days.

Source by Roger Hall

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