How to know right course and career for young school students

How to know right course and career for young school students

In formative years we do not give enough weightage to proper assessment & counselling to select best-fit course and career.

In school students, parent is deciding factor and their attitude for better teaching/learning will shape the future of the child.

They desire good & happy career for their children but, do they act, hardly 10%. Why they do not subject their children to proper assessment and counselling always makes me curious.

Few reasons that they should opt for a third party like EQ4C to conduct in-depth assessment & counselling is:

  1. Know the Inherent Talent in your Child: First is every person on this is blessed with one or the other inherent or god given talent. Aptitudes are the first indicator for selecting a course or a career.
  2. Interest Mapping: It has been observed that kids are confused and an experienced team of counsellors can identify their interest in life towards a particular profession. This could be again pointing to a right course and career.
  3. Personality Factors: Every person is unique and possesses different personality factors, making him different than others. If parent can explore personality of their children, they may know more about the behaviours, values, ethics etc and at the same time career traits are often visible if you allow EQ4C to conduct thorough personality assessment.
  4. Career Pointers: Parents can encourage their children to take these tests to exactly what course to choose and how it can point to a happy career for their children.
  5. Life of Happiness: Career happiness is often, life happiness. So, assessment will definitely help.
  6. Skills does matter: Assessment & counselling is the only way to find out the skill set in children. Competitive corporate world desire the right skill set in prospective candidates thus, why to take chances, better to do a complete audit and bridge the gap.
  7. Career Mapping: A proper assessment & counselling analyses the child’s strengths and weaknesses and finds out his or her interests and then the counsellor maps out a possible career.
  8. Career Support System: Every child requires a life coach — friend, philosopher, guide and mentor to create a roadmap to success. EQ4C team develops that career support system where, the child can come anytime and seek their help.
  9. It Reduces the Pressure on Child: A proper plan and guided implementation can reduce the burden and eventual stress on the child in competitive environment. Every child deserves a life without stress and parents should offer them.
  10. Parent and Child are better In sync: Many parents appear to be fulfilling their own ambitions through their children, which may eventually lead to loss of focus & discontent in children. An EQ4C counsellor after assessment can bring them on same level and facilitates better understanding among them.
  11. Educating Parents: Assessment & Counselling/ in-depth profiling of the child is vital in today’s time but the parents still thinks that they know everything so, it is more like educating parents than counselling children. Team EQ4C is at the forefront of creating awareness amongst parents to bring their children for all important assessment & counselling.
  12. Availability of the Course: The courses leading towards a desired career are well researched and made available for the children. This makes their life and parent’s life easy.

What a professional team of EQ4C do:

  1. Evaluate your child’s aptitude, strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Help your child in discovering his/her own passion.
  3. Motivate your Child in pursuing his/her passion.
  4. Inform your Child regarding all aspects of the career.
  5. Help the Child understand the work life in the chosen career by associating with professionals in the field.
  6. Stop your Child from falling prey to peer-pressure and herd mentality.
  7. Gain your Child’s confidence and motivate them to discuss their queries.
  8. Complete stepwise plan to achieve dream career.
  9. Periodic mentoring support to add desired skills to impress new generation of corporate.
  10. Train students to achieve success in personal & professional life.

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