How to be Successful – the Secrets of Power, Success, and Happiness Revealed

What do you want?

The first step of success is deciding exactly what you want in life. Do you want to own your own car, home, or business? Do you want financial freedom? Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 25 years?

This is where goal setting and quality questions come in. You must ask yourself those questions, and write down exactly what you want. A very small percentage of people actually write their goals down on paper. If you do this, then you are already one step ahead of the pack, and more importantly MUCH MORE likely to achieve your goals and dreams.

Now rank your goals into order of importance, and realism, for example you will not be able to lift an elephant with your little finger! Also group your goals into 3 main categories – short term (one month), mid term (one year), and long term (one decade). Read and update your goals list regularly and keep them fresh on your mind.

How are you going to get it?

The next step to success is deciding what the price you are willing to pay to achieve your goals. Forming your action plan is like driving to the destination of your dreams and goals. You must act every day towards the achievement of your goals, no matter how minute the task is, it will still bring you one step closer to reaching your goal.

Research will be required to achieve your goal. How have other people achieved your goal? Which actions will bring me closer to my goal? Remember it is more important to work smarter than harder.

Make sure your goals are achievable, realistic, and measurable. If you spend one hour each day towards achieving your goal this will soon become a habit and you will quickly be on your way to success.

The power of thought

Let's suppose you are in a bad mood and feeling negative. At that particular moment in time your personal vibration, the energy of your thoughts and words are in a lower frequency. Let's call this particular mood "Frequency F".

Now somewhere in a different location there is another negative experience. Maybe someone loses something precious, and there happens to be an "F" frequency. By virtue of the law of attraction, you will begin appealing that or some other undesirable experience to you. The universe works on a specific set of principals, and like contracts like, whether we believe it or not.

The good news is the opposite is true. For example if you are feeling great, having invested time acting towards your goals and taking care to monitor your thoughts, intentions, and your internal and external dialogue, you are now entering a high energy vibration and are in a place to attract other high vibrations , generally things you want to have in your life.

I'm not asking you to accept this blindly only that you begin to observe the world around you and see if this holds true for you.

Further research the power of thought, and Especially read "Think and grow rich" by Napoleon Hill and watch the movie "What the Bleep do we know?"

How to stay motivated

There are only three reasons that can keep you focused on a goal:

1. If there is some reward / benefits tied to success that you truly and intensely desire.

2. If you will lose something valuable for failing.

3. If you enjoy doing it.

-Keep your attention on your goals.

-Read your goals list every day.

-Do something small from your list first thing in the morning – start your day with achievement.

-Be prepared for setbacks.

-Believe in your ability to succeed.

-Vividly imagine that you have already achieved a particular goal.

How to stay energised

-Healthy exercise

-Healthy weight

-Regular exercise

-Fresh air

-Day light

-Change of scene (walk around the block, holiday etc.)

-Find a new interest or hobby

-Breathe deeply

-Top being negative

-Sleep well (keep a regular sleeping pattern)

Traits of the successful

-All successful people have Passion, Persistence, and Vision.

-Constantly improve your Emotional Intelligence, Financial Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence, Physical Intelligence, Time management, and IQ.

-Make constant daily improvement with personal development your goal.

Genius Traits

1. A systematic and orderly approach to problem solving.

2. Sense of wonder, with a fresh, open, and almost childlike perspective on all subjects.

3. High intensity concentration & focus abilities.

Source by Matthew Hansen

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