How Does Stress Associated With Being a Nurse Affect Your Relationship With Your Family?

If you are a nurse working for a hospital you have to be on your feet all the time. When you are not running errands for the patient, you will be doing your rounds as the doctors instrusted. Just when you are about to sit and take your much needed lunch, a patient rang for emergency.

This does not happen in the medical field alone. Those in the corporate world are also dealing with the same level of stress. Although they are not dealing with patients, they have to face customers, clients, executives, and deadlines every day. They have to continue generating new ideas to protect their market share.

All these demand from work is stressful. In addition, the employees have to deal with other stressors in the workplace. This includes malfunctioning equipments and inconsiderate collections.

Dealing with this everyday is draining. You can not deny the fact that what is going on at work affects your life at home.

Stress affects the time we spend with our family. Let us take the corporate employee for example. He has to make presentations for the clients and executives. He has to do several to provide them with options. Each presentation has to be flawless and unique. Before he can finish that project, he has to deal with horrendous amount of stress. He also has to render overtimes to complete his presentations. Each time he extends working, is a time deducted from what he sees with his family.

Stress also affects how the employees respond to their family. A nurse who works a twelve-hour shift will go home to her children and cook meal. After that, she has to help them with their homework. Although she tries her best to spend quality time with the kids, she can not give her 100% attention because she is too tired.

It can also affect the mood of the employee. Usually, how an employee behaves at work is not the same with the way he does at home. He may be all smiles at work but carries a worried look at home. Stress also causes a person to be short-tempered. He may not be as patient with the kids as he used to. He may not even feel the same passion towards his partner.

When you are stressed out, it is important that you recognize it. Once you admit to yourself that you are dealing with high level of stress, you can start doing something about it. If your organization has a stress management program, you can join that. You will also be able to communicate what you are going through with your family. This way, they will understand your sudden change of behavior. They will also help you deal with it better by avoiding things that will cause you more problems.

Stress affects your relationship with your family. You will have less time with them. You energy level is down when you are with them. In addition, you seem more irritable. In order to deal with it properly, you have to recognize that you are stressed and let the people around you help you deal with it better.

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