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The automotive industry has been one of the hardest hit sectors in the recent economic recession. However, auto dealerships have proven time and again over the past one hundred years to be incredibly resilient and capable of changing with the times. Embracing new technologies such as mobile marketing has been one of the reasons for this resiliency.

More and more dealerships are utilizing text messaging to build ongoing relationships with their customers and in the course of doing so, increasing their sales revenues. Dealers recognize that their customers never leave home without their cell phones and are checking their text messages all day long. It's a fact that people tend to respond to short, concise text messages as opposed to other methods of messaging.

Mobile Marketing Basics

If your dealership has not adopted this new, cost effective technology, now is the time and here's how to get started. To begin, you have to determine the right mobile marketing vendor with the technology to meet your specific needs, develop the appropriate budget, create the marketing strategy that will motivate your target audience and finally, insure that you have the right reporting tools to determine the effectiveness of your campaigns.

The Critical Factors

The most important factor impacting the success of your mobile marketing initiatives is to have a database of cell phone numbers for customers and prospects. There are a number of very ways to acquire those numbers and one of the most effective is to establish a brand loyalty club at your dealership, for instance, a Cadillac VIP Club.

Staff training will also be extremely important to the success of building your database. Sales team members, service advisers and cashiers all need to let each and every customer know about the VIP Club and the benefits of joining, much like restaurant servers tell their customers about their daily specials. The dealership's website can also promote the VIP Club and provide a simple sign up form.

Text the Info Your Customers Want to Receive

The benefits to the customer can be numerous. Customers can receive text message notifications of new model arrivals, special sales specials, demo drive events and accessory discount coupon. Reminder text message notifications for scheduled service will have high value since most customers claim they neglect vehicle service simply because they forgot. Service specials, discount coupons, parts availability and recall notifications will all provide high value to the customer and revenue to the dealership. Text messaging is also a great way to keep your staff aware of all of the dealership's activities.

Reporting in general is important and coupon campaign reporting, in particular is critical. Your vendor's mobile marketing technology should automatically assign a unique coupon code to every sent text message that identifies the consumer and the campaign. You should also be able to input the coupon value and easily determine the return on your campaign investment. Reports can then detail the current campaigns running, the consumers who were sent coupons, the coupon code for each recipient and other relevant data.

The car business involves creating desire for specific vehicles while building and maintaining brand and dealership loyalty. The essence of that loyalty is having a relationship with your customer and prospects, alike. By utilizing text messaging and the power of mobile marketing you can have a significant edge over your competitor.

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