Blogging Can Defy 9 to 5 Job and Yet Yield more Money

Blogging Can Defy 9 to 5 Job and Yet Yield more Money

We all say reading is good and this is what we keep on saying in our training programs as well. Few days’ back I read about full time blogging and believe me this guy is earning real big money. I thought this could be a good topic to write a blog post, blogging can defy 9 to 5 job and yet yield more money. Bogging is really a creative profession and requires lot of thinking and if you opt to take it as a career, than you have to be highly creative to stand apart in this highly competitive profession.

Many people asked me this question on blogging and monetizing it so, I presumed that this is good time to write on ups & downs and everything about blogging as career.

So, let’s begin the show….

Does blogging has enough potential to earn money?

If you ask me, yes it does have that potential. Today online marketing has seen a big shift and people are promoting brands through bloggers, who are having good reader base. Product reviews, book reviews and stuff like that including many ecommerce sites are leveraging the membership base of blogging community. To top it up affiliate marketing is adding lot of money to the kitty of popular bloggers by way of commission.

I am not a big fan of shopping and buy things in spare time and that to in quick time. But, if asked to review some products and earn money, I would love to do it. Apart from reviews, content marketing is becoming mainstay of promoting websites and helping them to stay above the competition. You write something worthwhile and earn money, nothing wrong in it. People come and read, you build audience base and earn by putting up few advertisements, and it is perfectly ok. All TV channels are earning this way, why not a blogger?

In short, if you want to make it as a career, it has that potential. You can create your own business model and earn money to be your own boss.

Do bloggers work 9 to 5?

Many people say that bloggers write few articles a week or month and do not have regular working hours of 9 to 5 like officegoers. Blogging is way beyond the realms of 9 to 5 job, it require lot hard work and research to write an article. It is deep study of the topic and creative formatting to make it work. Bloggers are a great mix of personalities and possess graduate & PG degrees so; it is needless to say that blogging does not require knowledge or the intellect. They have chosen to work for themselves and decided to defy the typical work culture of 9 to 5. They do not save lives like doctors but have the capability to create that awareness about healthcare and its implications.

Timelines like 9 to 5 are something of past and new world of internet has brought new opportunities which do not fit onto this bracket. I am not very fond of these 9 to 5 jobs and there are many such people who would agree with me on this.

The truth remains, bloggers still work long hours! Blogging really is a 24 hour job, from photography to content creation to videography, to being your own agent, communicating, emailing, invoicing, producing, editing and replying 24/7 on social media, the list goes on.

Will blogging stay?

Blogging is meaningful journalism and it will keep on growing. I have seen so many newspaper journalists, who know they have captive audience and will read whatever they will write. In fact, I daily read one of the newspapers which publish content related to its political promoter and charge money from people and poor advertisers. For bloggers, they have to write quality content and keep readers with them to earn. With the increase in penetration of internet and easy access, readers will get original content which they desire to read.

Blogging is going to be the mainstay of information and knowledge for the future generation and if you commit to it with dedication; nobody can stop you from earning money, far better than any job. It has flavours of both a business and a job.

What are the ups of blogging?

Many people say, you stay in front of the computer for long hours and do things, probably, they think I am enjoying a movie or songs. Because, as a blogger, you have the liberty to do it from your bed, you can wear pyjamas, it’s flexible, you can work as little or as much as you wish. I feel so fortunate that I am able to work every single day on something I love. Bloggers make sure everything they put out there is amazing for you. Through blogging, I’ve met some incredible friends, I’ve had some incredible experiences and I hope, this is just the beginning!

What are the downs?

There are so many things to keep in mind when you write a blog post:

  • Read good writing, and read a lot.
  • Write every day.
  • Present content beautifully
  • Have catchy topic names
  • Use gorgeous images
  • Improve readability
  • Serious planning
  • Promote like crazy
  • Gather data

And when you do these things you realize there are more than 2 million blogs been published daily. This is real competition and whilst all these there are people who have built companies and jobs for themselves.

There is a war for attention, and you have only a few seconds to make an impact. You can’t afford to be dull, stale, or boring. To turn visitors into readers, readers into leads, and leads into customers, you need content that stands out.

I personally am very inspired by so many bloggers, in so many different ways working every single day to do something they adore? I salute you. It’s cool to do something different. Maybe a conventional job isn’t for everyone!!

You can read my post on various topics and voice your views on the topic. I always strive hard to bring original knowledge rendering content to quench your thrust of quality reading.

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