Awareness of Self, Awareness of Others

Awareness is very important in order to achieve personal growth. Without self-awareness you are unable to see your strengths and weaknesses. Your unhelpful patterns will be hard to perceive. You are blinded, therefore you are not capable of changing your self to a more improved you. You will not be able to recognize your failures because, you are powerless to correct them.

Awareness is also important for success. Failure is not attained in just a flash. It is a chain of events that pave the way for failure. An example is when, as a child you were anti-social. You were an extreme introvert. You never make a point to meet new friends, to talk to new acquaints. This resolved to your having a low self-esteem. You did study hard and in college you made good grades. But after graduating, you failed to land with a good job simply because you lack the confidence when talking with interviewers on job interviews.

If you have self-awareness, you will be able to change all of this and you will be able to better yourself and succeed.

Self awareness can also lead to awareness of others. When you are able to change and be more confident, you will be able to socialize and know other people. Even better, you will able to know their strengths and weaknesses too.

You will be able to learn the dynamics of your relationship with others. You will be able to spot opportunities to make relationships more better. You will also be able to reach out more. And help more.

So you need to develop an awareness of self and of others. Start by allowing more time for you to meditate. You will feel more relaxed and peaceful too. Also, take time to think of others and do some actions on how to help. You will soon be on the path of sharing which makes you totally alive and happy.

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