As a Parent, do you know – Class 7th, 8th & 9th are important?

As a Parent, do you know – Class 7th, 8th & 9th are important?

EQ4C Foundation Assessment for class 7th to 9th

If your son/daughter is in 7th, 8th or 9th standard its right time to subject him/her to EQ4C Foundation Assessment.

MYTH: Only 10th Class is the First Step to Plan Career

We usually think that 10th standard is the first step towards selection of career path, but after conducting thousands of assessments for class 10th students, it has been seen that somewhere you need to inculcate this thought process early in class 7th to 9th bracket in order to prepare them for the big shift after 10th.

How well you know your son/daughter

As parents we are so engrossed in routine that we usually do not think on:

  1. Same class, same age students, same curriculum then why results differ.
  2. What is the learning style of my child
  3. What are his/her study habits
  4. What language ability he/she possess
  5. What subject affinity he/she has
  6. What are his/her inherent talent or aptitudes
  7. What are his/her behavioural traits
  8. Do we Know his/her strengths
  9. Do we know his/her concentration skills
  10. What he/she wants to do in life i.e. goal focus

Find out in detail to know your child better, it should be the priority no. 1 in competitive global world.

Each Child is Different, Don’t Compare 

First we must believe that each child is different and we cannot and should not compare them. Then, as a parent I must know my child on all of the above parameters to ensure his/her success and happiness. Once you know everything about the child then you can decide on which course/stream/career to select and plan stepwise achievement plan. This is scientific career planning which starts from class 7th.

Common Issues: You will agree

In school, we teach English but 75% of students are unable to converse or communicate in English. Similarly, 85% students lack confidence and have fear. Common issues like anger management and time management are really areas of concern in majority of young children. As a parent, we do not think on these issues, but its assessment can help you to nurture your child better having positive attitude.

We guide you & your child to success & happiness

At EQ4C we do comprehensive assessment with dual methodology of pen-paper and direct one to one interaction with young students of class 7th to 9th and our expert assessors create a detailed report which answers all the questions. Once you do this for child, you will notice that his/her concentration level increases, focus becomes clear and a definite enhancement in his/her academic scores.

In Short

In India, when a boy or a girl is born, we rush to create kundali/janm patri/horoscope because we want to be sure that he/she stay blessed, happy and worry free life. We are proactive there, when it comes actual assessment, we are still not giving a serious thought. Analytics play a vital role in the process of planning and significantly add value to achieve great things in life.

We are sure you want nothing less than the best for your child

Contact EQ4C on 08600406993 for Foundation Assessment for class 7th to 9th

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