Anxiety Attacks and Stress Management Techniques

Emotions play a large role in one's well being

That means that negative emotions like anxiety, despair, grief and sorrow make the individual susceptible to illness and diseases. They do not directly cause illness and disease, but for what they do to the body (such as lowering the body's immune system) they become a bigger cause of illnesses.

The body's fight or flight response (the root of stress) is an emergency measure that's both vital and valuable to survival. The only problem to this is that compound experiences to this emergency measure can be damaging as it is very disruptive. It creates emotional dysregulation, releases catecholamine hormones that inhibit several bodily functions. These functions would include inhibitory of gastric and digestive function, thereby lowering one's intake of needed nutrients; constriction of several blood vessels in many body areas, thus lowering its function; lessening tear gland and salivatory gland function, thus hampering the body's ability to fend of diseases, releasing chemicals on the muscles in preparation for muscular activity, which could become toxic when not used up.

Individuals in deep anxiety will experience some health debilitating factors, such as loss of appetite, severe headaches that could lead to migraines, inability to sleep that would lead to insomnia, ability to process thought fast due to constriction of blood vessels to the brain.

Because stress caused by anxiety has become a common modern man's affliction, there are several anxiety attacks and stress management techniques that have been developed. Here are some of them:

Time Management = Stress Management

One of the most common root problems of anxiety in a workplace is the surmounting task with no way out. Approaching deadlines cause anxiety, which slows the work down. One of the timeless stress management techniques is time management. Stress of this kind is often curable with the satisfaction of a work done and effective time management always equate to effective stress management.

Being Happy

One of the best anxiety attacks and stress management techniques, the best vaccine to any diseases is the general feeling of well being. That is being happy. Take time to ask yourself: What can I do for me to make me feel happy? Indulge on those pleasures, singly or socially, as long as it generates within you a feeling of happiness.

Laughter is still the Best Medicine

It is so trite that it had lost its meaning a long time ago. Still, laughter is the best medicine by far. Find ways that can make you laugh; it allows you to spend energy while promoting a positive outlook in your life. Laughter can be the ace up your sleeve when it comes to fighting anxiety and stress attacks.

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