Anger Management – How To Prevent Being Punished

As we advances into the 21st century, our societies becoming more competitive in order to maintain our survival. We are becoming very violent and unreasonable at times, every minute there is at least 1 person in the USA getting battered.

Many of them die because they stayed too long in a relationship that was doomed to fail. There are many victims beat and hurt by the other partner just because they went back to their partner, the excuse of using violence on someone who often claimed that they are seeking help from anger management counseling.

Are you confused if it is a man's game?

Whether it is due to the man or the woman, do not be confused on this battering act. Being angry is often not just a man's problem, but there are more women using violence to satisfify their emotional needs.

What is the intensity of this problem?

There is only a small percentage of women who are claimed as batterers however, the statistics claim that the number could be larger because most men do not come forward. Some women can be just as deadly as man.

Are you being punished?

Often, anger management has been used as a punishment tool. If people are involved and guilty of assault and using violence to settle problems, then probably people are using this tool as a solutions; however, it is not the solution to the problem.

The problem is that people can not control themselves and the classes do not cure a person, but actually help guide them. If you are in a relationship and the other person is forced legally to go to the classes, then this relationship will definitely not secure. The person did not choose to go and find help, but they forced. When you force a person to seek help, they will go against their free will, feed the class a bunch of bull, and say what they think others want to hear.

Are we playing games?

We played these anger violence games pretty well. Those who are in anger management voluntarily is more likely to change than one that was forced.

Does anger management really help a person with mental outbreak problems?

Everyone is different, however, if you approach the subject with all seriousness, then you may pick up a tip or two and change for the better. Then again, if you decided to quit the classes and participate as little as possible and that showed that you do not really want to change, of course you will not change. Due to this, many women and some men take it for granted.

How to prevent this from happening?

There are many victims that go back to an abusive relationship because they think the person is seeking help, and then they end up getting hurt worse than before. Just remember, anger management is not a solution, but a beginning. You will have to separate yourself completely in order for the other person to find it in their hearts to change.

I hope this article will encourage your partner to approach any help given to them due to their mental outbreak problem. With that in mind, Eddy felt that he can help people reduce their anger WITHOUT the use of DRUGS and THERAPY.

Source by Eddy Kong

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