AdSense Tips – Top 5 Tips To Increase Click Through Rates

The Google AdSense program is now one of the most popular ways to make money online for webmasters. If you own a blog or a site then by simply adding AdSense you have the opportunity to make good income dependent on the levels of traffic your site receives.

However just because your site receives traffic it does not necessarily mean that it will transfer into AdSense clicks as website visitors are now familiar with AdSense and can be very good at avoiding it. Here are some of the best ways to get your site visitors to notice your ads which means that the likelihood of ad clicks increases significantly.

Tip 1: Use More Ads

If your site is suffering from very low click through rates such as under one percent then adding more ads may help. The AdSense program allows 3 ad units and 2 link units. If your page has enough content then seriously consider integrating all these units into your site.

Tip 2: Place Ads Above The Fold

The location of the ads is very important in order to get the most clicks possible. Make sure that you place some ads above the fold on your website. The above the fold area is the part of your site that is first seen when the page loads without the visitor having to scroll down.

Tip 3: Place Ads Toward The Center Of The Page

The center of the page receives the most attention by web visitors so whenever possible center your ads or get them as close as possible towards the center of the page.

Tip 4: Use The Right Colors For Your Ads

Using the right colors in your AdSense ads can make a big difference in helping to blend your ads in with the rest of your site. Make sure the link color in your ads match the main link color on your site. It is also preferred to use a gray color for the ad URL, this will help to make the ad headline stand out more which should help to increase click through rates since most headlines are written to attract clicks.

Tip 5: Place Ads Directly In Your Articles

You need to place ads directly in your content in order to get them noticed more. If you have an article page then add an AdSense unit directly below the title of that article. Also you can use HTML tables to place AdSense units in your article paragraphs and have the text in your articles wrap around the ads.

Make sure that you are not squeezing your content too much so be sure to have enough space for large AdSense units and also enough text so that your articles still look good and readable. It is best to use the 336×280 ad unit as much as possible as it has been shown to be a good performer and also make sure to always remove borders from all ads as this will make the ads blend in better with the rest of your site.

Also remember that advertising works by creating an interruption in the user experience. Consider television and how you are shown ads without notice right in the middle of your favorite shows. This is done to force you to notice the ads so a similar approach needs to be used with AdSense ads to draw more clicks. Put your ads in positions that very interrupt your visitors without making them want to leave your site. Apply some of these tips to help you get higher AdSense click through rates and make more money from your site.

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