AdSense Money Making Tutorial

How does anyone make money with AdSense?

  1. Keyword optimization
  2. Content
  3. Promotion
  4. Commitment
  5. Dedication
  6. Consistency

If you’re going to add AdSense marketing to your Internet Business Empire you need relevant content and lots of it. Making a killing with AdSense also takes research. Let’s face it, you can have a site with thousands of content rich pages but if that content is of no interest to anyone online then your website traffic will reflect that. Don’t set your goals too high in a low to no traffic market. Patience is an helpful attribute to have but it is contingent upon other traits that are already in place like consistency and dedication. If your consistently researching, promoting and adding the best possible content to your website then and only then will patience be relevant to your earnings. Search engines and RSS feeds like new content and so do visitors. Your market may not show up the first, second or third time they see your ad, link or post but the more they see it more than likely they will click on it.

Once your market knows you’re committed to giving them the best most relevant information possible they will show up, bookmark your site, tell their friends and ultimately click on some of the relevant ads on your website. You will have to continue to add new content to your website and appropriately place your keywords throughout in order for Google AdSense to know exactly what your webpage is about. Without this basic step you will fail to receive relevant ads on your webpages. With search engine optimization being the focal point of AdSense it is hard to ignore the fact that you need to use every management tool Google has to offer. If you ask 10 different marketers how much and how often you should add new content to your website you will get 6 varying answers but on average the answer will be once a week.

Tests have shown that adding content to your website daily(not your blog) has in some cases gotten websites removed from the Google index. Unfortunately its an algorithm that makes this decision and you can appeal it. I add new content twice a week and I’ve not been removed from any index. If search engines aren’t your main traffic generator you need not worry. Before you start an AdSense marketing campaign be sure to have a solid plan with realistic expectations.

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