8 Simple Adjustments to Spend Quality Time with Your Child

8 Simple Adjustments to Spend Quality Time with Your Child

We as parents are so often caught with work and household chores that we sometimes forget to spend quality time with our children. The nurturing and caring needed during the child’s growing years through puberty and all the way through early adulthood is very crucial in laying down the foundation for your child’s future well-being. Learning how to accomplish this will make it easier for both parents and children to spend and enjoy these quality times together. Let's go through 8 Simple Adjustments to Spend Quality Time with Your Child to get closer and enjoy the parenthood in true sense.

Nothing that you can teach them is more important than the love you can give them.

Give them Time; Care for them; Shower Love; Children learn the most by observing you..

Make the time

Obviously, you first need to make the time. I know it is easier said than done, but try to keep aside some ‘uninterrupted’ time for them in the evening

Make the time worthwhile

The time spent with them must be quality time. Both of you sitting in front of the TV is not that. Talk about the day, ask them how their day was, play a board game like scrabble, ludo or carom.

Turn off interruptions

You cannot spend quality time if your mobile keeps ringing or you one eye on the TV news Switch your phone off. Let your colleagues and friends that between such time everyday you are unavailable. Turn off television, unless your time is about watching your child’s favorite show. Yes, sharing the time doing something your child likes is a quality time.

Don’t force it

Both should look forward to it. If your attitude is “Oh no! Here goes another boring hour”, it’s better not making it a routine. Your child too has wants. Find out if the time frame suits her. It is not quality time if she is ruing missing her favorite cartoon or playing with her friends.

Be sincere

When spending quality time with your child, listen intently and be sincere. A child knows too well when you are not paying attention to what he or she has to say. If you are thinking of what to cook or wondering if whether all the required groceries are there, you are not being sincere.

Think of different activities you can do together

Quality time together does not only mean having a conversation with your child or playing a game of carom. It can include a variety of activities like a movie, baking together, shopping or even a lazy walk round the neighborhood.

Don’t be rigid with timings

Okay one hour is over. Trriiing Bell’s gone, quality time over… let’s go back to our lives!! Sounds funny, but many of us are guilty of it. We don’t express so much in words than by our behavior. The time could be half an hour today, an hour tomorrow, a full day the day after. As long as it is spent by both of you are enjoying the moments.

Speak with them

This is the best time to find out what, actually. Your child likes doing, what are her dreams, her fears… who is her favorite actor, what’s her favorite color… if you have a funny or nice memories, share with them. Children love hearing tales about their parents when they were young.

“Your children need your presence more than your presents.” – Jesse Jackson

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