5 Ways to Promote Healthy Eating Habits in Kids

Parents always want their children to be top performer in their Academics and other co-curricular activities. Not bad to expect, but it is equally very important to contemplate on Child’s health. Health of Child should be top most priority for Parents.

Parents can overcome Diseases related to Lifestyle and Diet

Healthy eating behavior begins in infancy, as infants and their care-givers establish a relationship in which the infant completely rely on care-giver. During this phase kids start developing their taste buds. So parents should inculcate right and healthy eating habits in child’s formative years, which will lead them to a Disease free Life. Why this is so crucial is because more Younger Children than ever before are being diagnosed with Disease related to Lifestyle and Diet. If you wish your child to be healthy, you have to be very particular about Healthy eating habits for kids.

Compared to Adults, children’s Nutrition requirements are higher as they are into their growing stage. Balanced and Healthy eating habits play very important role in overall development of child. Early years of age offer “A period of Opportunity as well as period of Vulnerability”. You can take advantage of that rapid change and also you can really undermine development.

Avoid Advertising Influence on Children

How can I induce these habits? “BE A ROLE MODEL”. Yes, by being a role model to children we can induce right eating habits. In formative years kids can be easily molded and we can bring changes. Children find Parent’s as their Ideal, so they practice what they see.

But still many times parents find it challenging to make kids eat right food, because children get very much influenced by the luring advertisement. They get more attracted towards Junk Food, and parents also make this Junk food available to children now days since they are getting busy in their Professional and Social world.

Junk foods are nothing but processed and packed food which are cheap to produce and also cheap to buy. It contains high levels of Saturated fats, Salts, Sugars, Chemical additives, Flavoring and Preservatives. At the same time Junk food lacks in Nutrition such as Proteins, Fibers, Vitamins and Minerals. You don’t need to be completely strict to Junk food, but eating too much of it on regular basis makes adverse effects on health.

Healthy food include Whole grains, Pulses, Legumes, Fruits, Vegetables, Dry fruits, Dairy products, sea food, Poultry, lean meet. Parents forcefully need to understand the difference between Healthy food and Junk food and also make kids understand the same.

5 Ways to Promote Healthy Eating Habits in Kids

There are some Imperative rules for Healthy eating habits in kids


As it is said “Kids don’t do what they are said to, they do what they see”. Yes, kids observe their parents very keenly. We as a parent have to first implement these healthy eating habits, because if your kid sees you eating or drinking soft drink during dinner, you will have tough time to explain.


Always try to make a wide variety of Nutritious foods available to children instead of refined processed junk food, because healthy nutritious food increases good levels of Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients. You can make junk food rare option and not so easily available at home or near kids.


Parents usually get disappointed if child refuse to eat newly introduced food. Initially child will refuse but if we keep trying 10-15 times we can be successful. As it takes time to develop taste.


There is no other great way to induce eating habits other than Meals with family. It works tremendously. Meal’s with family concretes bonding towards each other’s understanding and also enhances the taste of the food. Try to have at least one meal daily with the Family. Studies have proven that children who regularly have meals with family eat more healthy food than kids who don’t have family meal time.


It is always seen, Mom’s run behind kids all time to make child eat food or finish up the food. Never ever force your child to finish all food. Shouting and Yelling at child will make child hate eating and boring. Rather give choices in food and in suitable timings.

To Conclude:

In competitive scenario it is vital to inculcate good and healthy eating habits in children. This will keep them energetic and disease free to sustain the vigor’s of difficult, competitive environment.

This is essential and important!! Parents can contribute in development of their children, positively……    

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