10 Ways to Achieve Your Goals in 2009

In light of the shaky start we've all had so far in 2009 due to the economic downturn it is all the more important to stay on track to achieve your goals. In times such as these the importance of setting goals is all the more important. Whether it's budgeting your dollars, looking for a job, or maybe start a business you are going to need lots of personal discipline.

The dubious news associated with global economies, layoffs, rising costs, and government 'bailouts' is enough to distract and discourage anyone. Realizing the challenges your goals may face in 2009 there are certain success strategies you'll need to adopt to realize these goals.

Here are 10 tips that should help you weather the turbulence this year and reach your goals:


There seems to be little reason to setting goals if you continue to put them off to another day. With each delay you are putting off your chances of achieving success for any personal or business goals you may have set.

Overcoming this nasty habit if it continues to occur should be a goal itself for your own personal development.


Consider how much thought and energy goes into creating those excuses you give yourself for not accomplishing something. Now take that energy and those creative 'juices' and put them to work towards reaching your goals.


If you have goals you have not completed then ask yourself what you're doing watching TV. Does anything good come out of watching the tube? If it relaxes you consider how much more relaxed you'd be if you accomplished something productive. Oh no, do not tell me you're catching up on the news! Being a big fan of the news channels (I love CNN) I have come to find that all the negative news zaps my energy level and alters my mood.


Learn to deal with the objectives of each day separately. Yesterday is gone and all that's left of it is any lessons earned. Appreciate and celebrate your accomplishments as they occur and then move forward. At the core of your own personal development is realizing you can not change the past and the best way to prepare for the future is to address the present. By setting goals daily you're directing your actions in a more positive and purposeful direction.


As we spoke of earlier distractions are all about us and especially in today's climate. By focusing on those things over which we do have control is the best way to alter our present and future. Maintaining focus on your goals is the ONLY way to reach them!


It is important to maintain a healthy balance between the pursuit of any business goals and those of a more personal nature. Family, friends, and any other personal interest should be allotted a fair amount of your time and focus on a REGULAR basis. Give yourself the chance to unwind and recharge!


The saying without your health you have nothing is so true. It is your responsibility to maintain a healthy body. Good eating habits and regular exercise will pay you dividends in both your personal life and business ventures. Remember that bad health does not always give you a second chance.


"If you think you can you will" even "if you think you can not you're right" therefore your success starts out within your own mind. Believe in yourself and know achieving success at whatever it is you are pursuing is your right and the likely outcome of your efforts.


"Into every life a little rain will fall" is a statement of fact. Realizing this will make it easier to deal with vacancies that are not what you expected or preferred. Identify and focus on the good and give thanks for it. It will give you a more positive outlook, a healthy mind, and the energy needed to constructively move forward.


As the saying goes "if it was easy anyone could do it" and remember all this means is that most people will avoid challenges. It is just human nature to do so. With a little thought, planning and perseverance however you can convert these challenges into tremendous opportunities and with limited competition.

By following the 10 aforementioned success strategies reviewed above you will be greatly enhancing your ability to achieve your goals for the year. Just continuously remind yourself to tune out the distractions and maintain your focus on your immediate goals. By doing so and maintaining a mentally and physically healthy you will likely end in the results you want!

Source by Terry Philpott

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